Who we are and why we do this

After several years of providing statistical and research consultation to faculty, graduate students, and non-profits, Dr. Amanuel Medhanie discovered that many of his clients had difficulty with the collection and management of their research data. Kusri was built on the belief that high quality social research should be simple to achieve so that people can more easily impact society.

The Team


Dr. Amanuel Medhanie

Dr. Amanuel Medhanie is a co-founder of Kusri and is our chief executive officer. Amanuel is trained as a statistician and passionate about making quality social research easier to achieve. Amanuel holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in educational psychology from the University of Minnesota.


Lokesh Gyanwali

Lokesh Gyanwali is a co-founder of Kusri and is our chief technology officer. Lokesh is an excellent software engineer and cloud architect who has developed software solutions for various organizations. Lokesh holds a B.S. in computer engineering from Saint Cloud State University.


Naresh Basnet

Naresh Basnet is a co-founder of Kusri and is our exceptional database architect. Naresh has built databases for multiple organizations, big and small, and enjoys solving complex database challenges while making software applications snappy. Naresh holds a B.S. in computer engineering from Saint Cloud State University and an M.S. in computer science from the University of St. Thomas.


Kusri is not made possible by any federal grant (although we tried) but is instead made possible
through blood, sweat, and tears.

  • April

    Jonathan May and Dr. David Parker become
    advisors to Kusri.

  • Feb

    Kusri soft launches and gets its
    first paying customer in the same
    week. Think Small, they’re awesome.

  • May

    Dr. Michael Rodriguez,
    Dr. Michael Harwell,
    Dr. Mary McEathron
    become advisors to Kusri.

  • July

    Amanuel gets a job as a janitor at
    the University of Minnesota and chats
    it up with faculty and graduate
    students for a few years.



Dr. Michael Harwell

Dr. Michael Harwell provides us with advice on how to continually improve Kusri in areas related to research design, and statistics. Dr. Harwell is a professor of educational psychology at the University of Minnesota and teaches graduate courses in statistics. His research interests include meta-analytic effect sizes, the role and impact of empirical models for socioeconomic status (SES), and nonparametric estimators and tests for complex statistical models.


Jonathan May

Jonathan May advises us on the needs of nonprofits, and how Kusri can make evaluation more accessible to them. Jonathan is the director of Data and Research at Generation Next and is an experienced researcher and data analyst. He holds a bachelor's degrees in education and economics as well as an M.S. in Economics from St. Cloud State University.


Dr. Mary McEathron

Dr. Mary McEathron advises us on the needs of evaluators and evaluation companies, and how Kusri can continue to meet those needs. Dr. McEathron is the director of Rainbow Research, a nonprofit evaluation company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her research interests focus on systems approaches in evaluation and evaluation’s role in bridging academic research with community knowledge.


Dr. David Parker

Dr. David Parker advises us on the needs of applied researchers and nonprofits. Dr. Parker is the Research Director for ServeMinnesota, Minnesota’s state administrator for federal AmeriCorps funds. In that role, he has helped develop programming and training content for AmeriCorps Reading and Math Interventionists to support at-risk learners and their families. His research interests focus on assessments and interventions for students struggling with reading, writing, and math skills. His work has been published in multiple educational journals and in a book titled Curriculum-based Assessment for Instructional Design: Using Data to Individualize Instruction.


Dr. Michael Rodriguez

Dr. Michael Rodriguez advises us on measurement issues within Kusri (e.g. what question types to make available, best practices when developing measures, etc.). Dr. Rodriguez is a professor of educational psychology at the University of Minnesota and teaches graduate courses in measurement. His research interests include the psychometric properties of tests, measurement of social-emotional learning, psychometric meta-analysis, and item response models.